Hex Heroes Has Less Than 24 Hours Left On Kickstarter; Close to Funded

Hex Heroes is one of the more ambitious Wii U projects on Kickstarter, and is now within it’s final day of funding. Just how close are we to knowing if Hex Heroes will arrive on the system? …read more

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GamesBeat: Watch Dogs really lets you hack your way through a smart city (hands-on preview)

Ubisofts designers have succeeded in creating an immersive open world with Watch Dogs, a video game set in a smart city where a hacker takes control in order to inflict his own brand of personal vigilantism. …read more

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Ubisoft writer finally gets to spill some secrets of Watch Dogs story (interview)

Kevin Shortt, the lead writer for Watch Dogs, can finally talk about some of the details of the game’s story. While Ubisoft has shown off the cool technology in the game and the beauty of its open world, it hasnt revealed too much of the story until now. We still dont know a lot about the plot twists, but now we have a much better feel for what drives its main character. …read more

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GamesBeat: Dont mess with my data in multiplayer Watch Dogs (hands-on preview)

GamesBeat’s Dean Takahashi: If you steal my data, Im going to hunt you down and kill you. Thats the premise behind the multiplayer mode in Watch Dogs, the highly anticipated video game about a hacker who controls a city with his smartphone. …read more

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Watch Dogs Single Player Preview: Chicago is for hackers | GameZone

GameZone: “It’s been a long time coming, but I was finally able to get my hands on a fully playable build for Watch Dogs. After nearly two years of watching from the sidelines and drooling, I could actually control Aiden Pearce and see how his hacking skills work in the game.” …read more

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NES Remix 2′s Wario’s Woods Challenges Make Kittens Cry

CCC Says: “You all may remember about four months ago I played NES Remix and, well, it might not have gone as well as I hoped. I mean, it had been about… let’s see… the NES came out in 1985, and I was born in… oh. Well, let’s just say it had been a while, my skillset might have been a bit lacking, and frankly? The NES Remix game collection had a few duds in it. However, I’m happy to assure you that I’ve been playing NES Remix 2 and this time I’m 10x better at all the games.

I …read more

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This game drought is leaving me parched


I’m probably going to receive quite a bit of backlash for this article, but I need to write it. When I first started this thing, I said I’d write about things near and dear to my heart. This article fits that description quite well. Please don’t take offense to my opinions in this article, and remember to be civil in the comments ;)

Why I’m Writing

What games have come out for the Wii U recently? Donkey Kong? Yeah, that came out in February. 3D World? That’s pushing it, but it came out in November. Wii Fit U came out …read more

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Is a Silent Protagonist a Better Protagonist?

Hardcore Gamer: Storytelling in games has come a long way since the archaic text adventures of yesteryear. From text to pictures to audio to video, weve seen cinematic tales unwind, while delivering lovable characters and excellent senses of placement. Great writing has catapulted games like The Walking Dead, Far Cry 3, and The Last of Us into cinematic spectacle, netting a ton of recognition for their intriguing dialogue. But while their characters usually have a lot to say, some more venerable ones do not. The silent protagonist may have been one of the famed features of old-school gaming, but the …read more

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Europe Weekly, 12th April 2014

PS4 52,203 (-18%) 2,554,864
3DS 34,248 (-2%) 12,475,663
PS3 21,120 (-4%) 32,113,539
XOne 19,920 (+18%) 1,036,835
X360 11,217 (-5%) 24,708,172
WiiU 8,195 (-1%) 1,290,880
PSV 7,855 (-20%) 2,530,056
PSP 5,772 (-0%) 23,972,534
Wii 4,368 (-2%) 33,527,471 …read more

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Wii U has sold just over half of what the GameCube did in the same span


Over the past few months, it’s been hard to deny that the Wii U hasn’t received the support it deserves from Nintendo. At the beginning of 2013, Reggie Fils-Aime promised that the drought for Nintendo games after the launch in November of 2012 would be over. Several titles were on the way and things were looking up for the Wii U. Then Rayman Legends was delayed for six months. Pikmin 3 was delayed. The Wonderful 101 was delayed. Everything got pushed back and as such, 2013 was more of a drought than Reggie expected. …read more

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